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Radical nephrectomy.Surgery to remove the tumor, the entire kidney, and surrounding tissue is called radical nephrectomy. If the nearby tissue and surrounding lymph nodes are also affected by the disease, radical nephrectomy and lymph node dissection are performed. If the cancer has spread to the adrenal gland or nearby blood vessels, the surgeon may remove the adrenal gland and parts of its blood vessels during a procedure called an adrenalectomy. Radical nephrectomy is usually recommended to treat a large tumor when there is not much healthy tissue left.

Partial nephrectomy.Partial nephrectomy is the surgical removal of the tumor. This type of surgery preserves kidney function and reduces the risk of developing chronic kidney disease after surgery.

Studies have shown that partial nephrectomy is effective for T1 tumors whenever surgery is possible. Newer approaches that use a smaller surgical incision or cut are associated with fewer side effects and faster recovery.

Sometimes surgery is not recommended due to the characteristics of the tumor or the general health of the patient, or additional treatments may be needed after the surgery. In such cases, we need to have a comprehensive interview with you in terms of alternative or additional treatments.

Recovery times for kidney cancer surgery can range from 6 to 12 weeks. Your recovery time may depend on factors such as your overall health and what type of procedure you had.

You may experience pain in your abdomen or on the side where your kidney was removed. The pain should improve within a few days to a week. There may be redness and bruising around the wounds. If you have had laparoscopy, you may experience shoulder pain. 

Do not lift anything heavier than 5 kilograms until you are in control.

You will need to keep your incision area clean, dry and protected. 

If stitches, staples, or glue have been used to close your skin, you can take a shower.
If strips of tape were used to cover your skin, cover the sores with plastic wrap before showering for the first week. Do not attempt to wash the tape strips. Let them fall on their own.
Do not dive or go swimming in a tub or hot tub until your provider tells you it is okay.

Avoid all strenuous activities, including heavy exercise, weightlifting, and other activities that cause you to have difficulty breathing or straining.
You can take short walks and use the stairs. Don't push yourself too hard.

Kidney Cancer Surgery

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