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Penis enlargement surgery is an operation to make your penis appear larger. 

If you have a micropenis or an embedded penis, enlargement surgery may be necessary for medical reasons. Micropenis, or a very small penis, is a congenital condition (a condition you are born with). An embedded penis refers to a penis hidden under the skin from your navel, thighs, or scrotum. It can be congenital or it can happen with age.

People with these conditions usually want to have surgery to be able to urinate and have sexual intercourse while standing up. 

There are different types of procedures used to make the penis appear larger. Commonly performed procedures include:

Ligamentolysis The suspensory ligament that connects your penis to your pubic bone is surgically cut. The flaccid penis hangs lower and appears longer.
Penis enlargement using autologous oil Using the  Liposuction device, we take your fat around the belly and then inject this oil into your penis to increase the thickness.
Penis enlargement using dermal fillers In this procedure, we inject cosmetic fillers under the skin of the penis (under the skin). 
Surgical removal of the suprapubic fat pad The fat tissue surrounding the penis is surgically removed in men with buried penis. This does not increase the size of your penis, but reduces the size of the tissues around it to reveal the true length of the penis.


The operation takes about 1 hour. The amount of oil used in penis enlargement usually varies between 50 and 100 CC, which is the filtered amount.

It is necessary to keep the penis dry for 2 days. You can shower on the second day after surgery, but you should try to keep the incision dry.

You will be given a prescription for pain relievers and antibiotics to take home, but the best pain relief is an ice pack. On the first day, you should put an ice pack on the penis intermittently. Most patients have painful erections at night. If you put an ice pack on the penis, the pain will be relieved in a few minutes.

The recovery period after surgery is relatively long to allow the penis to heal properly.

It is recommended to abstain for 21 days after fat injection. During this period, the penis is traumatized during sexual intercourse, some fat does not adhere to the tissues and melts.

Penis lengthening surgery has no effect on erections, libido, or fertility.

If there is premature ejaculation, this will not be corrected by surgery.

The ability to have children does not increase or decrease after these procedures. The sensitivity of the penis also does not change. The sensual nerves of the penis come from under the pelvic bone along with the penile tissue. These nerves are unlikely to be damaged during this operation.

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